Treating Tarnish: How to Keep Your Silver Jewelry Beautiful and Sparkling

Handcrafted jewelry is a source of joy, as well as an investment. You’ll treasure it your entire life – as long as you store and care for it properly. So what’s the best way to keep your jewelry looking its best?

First of all, keep it clean and dry. Exposure to moisture and air encourages tarnishing, which is a form of corrosion that makes the metal dark and dull. Unlike rust, it can be wiped away and doesn’t harm the metal itself. Tarnish occurs when the small copper content in sterling silver reacts to moisture and sulfur in the air. Also avoid exposure to lotions, rubber, sweat, or acidic liquids, such as vinegar and juice.

All silver jewelry should be protected from air. If your jewelry came in a special pouch or case, keep it there. Often such containers are lined with fabric designed to prevent tarnish. Or store it in zip-lock plastic bags, being sure to press all the air out.

Choose a jewelry box with several small sections so smaller items can be separated. This will prevent scratching or tangling. You can cover jewelry with a tarnish-preventing cloth.

The best thing is to clean your jewelry with a little warm water after you take it off. Make sure to dry it carefully before putting it away.

Despite your best efforts, silver can inevitably tarnish. How do you get it off?

A silver polishing cloth is the easiest solution. But this won’t get in little nooks and crannies.

You might consider an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.  Such cleaners, however, can damage softer gems such as emerald, turquoise, opal, onyx, as well as pearls.

The most effective way to remove tarnish is an ionic jewelry cleaner. It can safely clean all types of gems and metals. Here at Wear Ever Jewelry, we’re happy to clean your jewelry for free with our ionic jewelry cleaner. Bring it in any time! It only takes a few minutes.

So if your favorite silver jewelry is looking a little dull, it’s easy to bring it back to life and enjoy wearing it for years to come.