Take a Jewelry-Making Class – Improve Your Health!

Most people wear jewelry. But have you ever thought of learning how to make your own? You can make jewelry to suit your own taste in style, materials and technique. And bragging rights whenever you get a compliment.


Studies have shown that creating art and making crafts has tangible health benefits. It reduces stress and improves mood. It can head off cognitive decline by opening new brain pathways and strengthening the connection between the brain’s left and right hemispheres.

You’ll learn new skills and gain a sense of accomplishment when you produce beautiful objects you can wear yourself or give as gifts. Your self esteem gets a boost and the classes also provide a social outlet outside of work and family.

What’s more, when you immerse yourself in the act of artistic creation, several different areas of your brain get a workout, including those responsible for problem solving, concentration and creativity. Dopamine is released, which combats depression and promotes focus. Mindfulness, the ability to be present in the moment, increases.

Wear Ever Jewelry Studio School offers a broad array of small group classes in our light-filled, fully-equipped studio in Old Town, Alexandra, Virginia. Take advantage of individualized learning from award-winning jewelers. Upcoming classes include basic Jewelry Techniques, Chain Making with the Loop-in-Loop Technique, Rings, Enamel Rings, and workshops with visiting artists in Powder Coating 101 and the ancient Korean method of Keum-Boo. For full information and to register, visit our class information page.

BUY $100 – SPEND $200: We are currently offering a gift certificate special. Buy a $100 gift certificate worth $200 of classes. Use it yourself or give it to a friend – or both. Can be used in full or in part by anyone who has the certificate code.