Taking Shape: New Artist Kimberly Renée

Wear Ever Jewelry welcomes new artist Kimberly Renée. Jewelry has been her passion from an early age. Using the ancient methods of chasing and repoussé, she transforms flat sheets of precious metal into beautiful, wearable jewelry with chisels, punches and hammers. You can see the handmade quality in her final creations, each shape and line unique, the texture showing individual strokes of the chisel. Her favorite thing about this process is the gradual transformation of flat metal, bit by bit, into three-dimensional art.

Demonstrating her love of the outdoors, the very first piece of jewelry Kimberly made was a ring cast out of river birch bark. She enjoys creating small bodies of themed work and is currently working on a series of contemporary hearts for necklaces and earrings.

She uses the same methods to create larger, functional pieces of art such as serving spoons, cake servers and bowls. Kimberly is also excited to soon be teaching her first class in chasing and repoussé at the New Approach School for Jewelers.

See Kimberly’s exciting work in person at our King Street gallery or online at weareverjewelry.com.