About Jennifer Jordan Park of Wear Ever Jewelry

931PEN_detailJewelry is so much more than just body adornment. An extraordinary piece of art jewelry will make you feel uniquely special simply by wearing it.

My enamels are uncommon because I use vivid, transparent colored enamels on luminous fine silver. I use transparent enamels because I love the intense hues of the glass and the ability to layer colors for unusual effects. Before firing on the enamel, I use a special heat treatment on the surface of the silver to give it a shimmering, reflective quality. Once color is applied to the gleaming surface, the effect is stunning! The textures that I use on the silver are unique to each piece since they are usually combinations of various patterns. The undulating curves of my cloisonné wires capture the movement and energy of the natural world.

All of my enamels are set using the precious metals of gold and silver. The bright white of silver settings allows the colorful enamels to take center stage. High karat gold (22k and 18k) comes in rich buttery yellow tones and complements the riotous colors of the enamels.

informal_filteredI received an MA in Jewelry/Metals from New Jersey City University and a BFA from University of Tennessee. My work has been honored in the Saul Bell Design Awards, Niche Awards, and MJSA Awards, and has been published in Art Jewelry and Lapidary Journal.